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Are you having a hard time keeping your baby’s milk heated at the right temperature? Are you tired of hearing those screams whenever your child is hungry, and you cannot feed him or her not-so-warm milk because they might get a stomach ache? Then our travel bottle warmer is the perfect solution! 


Constant Temperature - One important feature of our bottle warmer is that it has the ability to maintain the liquid (milk) in the bottle at a constant temperature.

Time Efficient - Frequently checking the temperature of the liquid in the bottle when heating it using a microwave, stove or boiling water from a kettle can consume a lot of your time. However, if you use our bottle warmer, it remains at a constant temperature, ready for when your baby wants their next feed.

Convenient and Great Compatibility - Whether you are going on vacation or are at home, our bottle warmer is definitely a must! It can be plugged into any USB port, battery pack or car charger to keep your infant's bottle warm.

Fits All Feeding Bottles - It is adjustable and can be used on feeding bottles (250ml to 500ml). From Tommee Tippee, Dr. Browns, Avent, Medela and other brand baby bottles. It retains heat for hours at the perfect temperature and it heats evenly.

Better Sleep - If your baby wakes up at night the bottle will be warm and ready to give to them. No need to go to the kitchen to prepare your toddler's bottle or heat it up.


The warmer the bottle before wrapping it the faster it will reach base temperature, which is why we suggest you make your baby's bottle at the temperature they like to drink it before wrapping the warmer around the bottle.

  1. Unzip the sleeve;
  2. Put the thermostat inside the sleeve and zip it closed;
  3. Make your baby's bottle the way you usually do without adding the formula;
  4. Wrap the bottle warmer around the bottle and plug it in to keep the bottle warm;
  5. Add the formula once it's feeding time, shake, test and enjoy;
  6. Plug out the bottle warmer when not in use.


  • Material: washable sleeve + heating core
  • Size: 28.5 x 15 cm/11.22 x 5.91 inch
  • Heating power: 5W
  • Power input: 5V/1A
  • Designs: Fox, Letters, Monkey
  • Package includes one bottle heat cover (battery pack not included)


  • Please allow 7 - 10 days for delivery within Metro Manila
  • Please allow 10 - 14 business days for delivery in Visayas and Mindanao Area due to To Manila Travel Ban
  • Please allow 10 - 12 days for delivery in Luzon Area